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Strain Sheet: Aloha from Soulshine Cannabis (Washington)

Aloha from Soulshine Cannabis


Reviewer: Megan
Brand: Soulshine Cannabis
Strain: Aloha (Indica cross of Ice Princess and Big Bud)
From: High 5 Cannabis
Smell: Skunky (Says my Mom) earthy, evenly spicy
Taste: Popcorn-ish
Onset: 2-3 mins
Fade: About an hour
Strength: Low to medium
Emotions: Talkative
Relieves: Having awkward conversations
Tingling: None
Paranoia: None
Texture: Pulled together, not totally dense, and easy to smoke
Form(s) of Use: Bong
Control: Forgetful, left fridge door open and went on to the next thing lol
Focus: Held conversation with my guest and stayed on topic
Harshness: Nobody coughed
Positives: Some of the proceeds from this go to animal rescue and care charities! (As read on back of packaging)
Negatives: I was a bit all over the place. On one hand I was able to hold conversation w/o issue while multi-tasking. However I had a hard time finishing the tasks I would start.
Other Notes: Read the back of package (pictures posted) about how smoking/purchasing this contributes back.


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