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WIRE: Maine votes to legalize recreational marijuana for adult use

PORTLAND, Maine — Maine voters have approved Question 1, a ballot measure to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana for adult use.

Question 1 makes possession and home-growing of limited amounts of marijuana legal for adults 21 years of age and older; it creates a tightly controlled system of regulated marijuana production and sales; and it establishes a 10% tax on non-medical marijuana sales. The new law will officially take effect 30 days after the final election results are declared, which can take up to 10 days.

Statement from David Boyer, campaign manager for the Yes on 1 campaign and Maine political director for the Marijuana Policy Project:

“Maine made history today by ending the failed policy of marijuana prohibition. Voters approved Question 1 because it represents a new, more sensible approach to marijuana policy. It will take marijuana production and sales out of the underground market. It will generate significant new tax revenue for our community. And it will allow law enforcement to spend more time addressing serious crimes.

“For the past few years, we have highlighted the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and questioned the logic of laws that steer adults toward the more dangerous substance. Once Question 1 goes into effect, adults in Maine will no longer be punished for making the rational, safer choice to use marijuana instead of alcohol, if that is what they prefer. Our state’s laws are finally going to be based on the facts, rather than on the fear mongering and propaganda that produced marijuana prohibition.

Statement from Matthew Schweich, director of state campaigns for the Marijuana Policy Project:

“We are proud of the voters of Maine and all the citizens, elected officials, organizations, and businesses that came together to bring about this victory. We look forward to working together with our supporters and our opponents to ensure Question 1 is implemented properly and on time. We are confident that Maine can establish a system that will serve as an example for other states in New England and across the nation.”

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Yes on 1: Regulate and Tax Marijuana is supporting the 2016 statewide ballot initiative to make marijuana legal in Maine. For more information, visit

David Boyer, Yes on 1 Campaign Manager

Matt Schweich, MPP Dir. of State Campaigns *National Perspective*

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