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Strain Sheet: Cotton Candy and Blueberry edibles from Jamrocks (Washington)

Cotton Candy and Blueberry edibles from Jamrocks (Washington)


Reviewers: Megan and Alex
Available at: High 5 Cannabis.
Stats: Depends on how many you want, $16 gets you a bag of 5 pairs of 5 mg THC candies. One serving is two candies, which is 10 mg. Generally I need about 40 mg of ingestible THC to feel anything significant.
Flavor(s): We bought two 50 mg bags, one of “Cotton Candy,” and the other of “Blueberry.” We didn’t care for the flavor of either too much – they just taste a bit off. An unpleasant experience flavor wise. The Blueberry ones at least had kind of a chili powder kick that you’d find in popular Mexican families.
Texture: Like a 3D little square block, melts fast
Strength: Once you melt about 4-5 packages in your mouth in an hours time we were feeling a great body high.
Other Notes: Not a fan. I am going back to my edibles treasure hunt.


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