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WIRE: Massachusetts Yes on 4 TV ad features King County, Washington sheriff

BOSTON — The Yes on 4 Campaign began airing a new television commercial on Monday, October 31, featuring Sheriff John Urquhart of King County, Washington. The 30-second spot began airing in the Boston market on Monday and will go into rotation in the Springfield market later in the week.

Washington legalized marijuana in 2012 and retails sales began in 2014. The state took in more than $250 million in tax revenue from marijuana sales through July 2016.

“We want Massachusetts voters to know about the success of taxed and regulated systems in other states, and Sheriff Urquhart delivers that message in a direct, factual way,” said Jim Borghesani, director of communications for Yes on 4.

Script: “In 2012 Washington State voted to regulate, tax and legalize marijuana. I was for it. Well, the evidence keeps coming in. Our new approach is working. Month by month, tax dollars are going to schools and police, not the drug cartels. Wasteful arrests are way down. Drug prevention programs are getting funds. Strict regulations are working. Here, it’s really better already. It’s your vote, not mine. But it’s working here.”

Contact: Jim Borghesani, communications director

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