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WIRE: CannaScore wins banking appeal, has account fully restored

DENVER — CS Compliance Systems (, developers of CannaScore ( – the world’s first real-time regulatory compliance auditing application for the cannabis industry, announced it is has been successful in its appeal, and its banking privileges have been restored.

Last month, the company had certain banking privileges revoked when its financial services provider discovered the company was providing services to the marijuana industry. During the appeal, the company offered its products free of charge.

“Although we have full banking access again, we are still giving all customers a free trial of our award-winning cloud-based software,” said Thomas Smith, Managing Partner.

The CannaScore system audits compliance with a wide range of regulations governing the cannabis industry, including licensing, security, personnel safety, food handling, pesticides, and chemical exposure.

Legal cannabis growers, producer/processors, and retailers can use the system to identify areas of non-compliance before problems occur, and provide assurance that they are adhering to the myriad of state and local regulations. Failure to comply with regulations can often result in fines, shutdowns, license revocation and even prison.

Additionally, banks, insurance firms, accountants and real estate developers can use CannaScore as a tool to ensure that their clients operating in the cannabis sector are in compliance as mandated in the Cole Memo and finCEN Guidance.

CannaScore is easy to use, and quickly analyzes compliance that exceeds state parameters. The system also produces a score, which is useful for anyone in the cannabis industry, including consumers, to quickly evaluate the quality of an organization.

“Companies that score high may be more likely to attract funding, obtain favorable rates, demonstrate reliability to landlords, and even attract new customers,” Smith said.

To learn more about CannaScore and use the product free of charge, visit and click on “Free Trial,” or call: 720-890-7344.

About CS Compliance Systems, LLC:

CS Compliance Systems developed CannaScore – an award winning application that provides real-time compliance auditing, scoring and analysis configured to state and local regulations, examining a wide range of vital business functions. Verified companies receive compliance certifications and scores, giving assurance to regulators, banks, investors, landlords and company management.

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