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WIRE: O.penVAPE Open raises $40,000 for Growing Hope Foundation

DENVER, CO – Leaders of O.penVAPE, Safe Harbor Private Banking and the Growing Hope Foundation, presents $40,000 in total proceeds from its first fundraising event, the O.penVAPE Open Charity Golf Tournament, to Jason Cranford, executive director of the Flowering Hope Foundation, at 2 p.m. Thursday, Oct.27 at Safe Harbor Private Banking, 5269 West 62nd Ave. Arvada, CO 80003.

O.penVAPE, a Denver-based international cannabis company, was the title sponsor for the debut event to seed Growing Hope, a foundation dedicated to providing an avenue for cannabis-touching businesses to support charity. This year, Growing Hope selected the Flowering Hope Foundation, a 501c3 organization, as the primary beneficiary. Flowering Hope creates opportunities for patients to receive a better quality of life and peace of mind through safe access to life changing medication.

Ralph Morgan, CEO of O.penVAPE, said producing a safe alternative medicine by extracting oils from cannabis and hemp and helping patients access safer alternative remedies is a principle driver of the company’s research and product development.

“The Growing Hope Foundation is doing exactly what the cannabis industry needs,” Morgan said. “It gives all cannabis businesses a way to support those individuals who rely on our medicinal products to relieve their pain.”

Sundie Seefried, president and CEO of Safe Harbor Private Banking, a pioneer in banking for the cannabis industry, and Tami Anderson, president of the Growing Hope Foundation, led the organization, direction and support of the event.

“We will continue our support of this event next year and we anticipate these charities will flourish in step with the growth of this industry,” Anderson said.

About Growing Hope Foundation

Growing Hope Foundation creates an avenue for all cannabis-touching businesses to collaborate so they can support causes with impact and immediacy. Growing Hope will contribute to organizations that help patients receive necessary treatment that may include cannabis. Growing Hope’s selected the Flowering Hope Foundation to benefit from this debut fundraising event. For information about Growing Hope and Flowering Hope, please visit

About O.penVAPE

With products in more than 1,200 dispensaries worldwide, O.penVAPE has established itself as the world’s largest consumer cannabis company. O.penVAPE appreciates a mutually beneficial relationship with its network of affiliates who are licensed to manufacture and sell O.penVAPE cartridges, vaporizer devices and other related products. Licensees in Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Connecticut employ O.penVAPE’s Organa Labs technology to manufacture cannabis oil through supercritical CO2extraction. Now, medical marijuana patients and cannabis enthusiasts have broader access to a pure, safer and more consistent product. O.penVAPE’s leaders ardently support cannabis legalization and scientific research in order to provide better, alternative medicine. Please visit for more information.


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