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Strain Sheet: Super Lemon Haze wax from Kush Valley (Washington)

Super Lemon Haze wax from Kush Valley (Washington)


Reviewer: Megan
Strain: Super Lemon Haze wax
Company: Kush Valley (Washington)(sold atHigh 5 Cannabis)
Stats: THC 2.88%  THCA 84.16%  THC Total: 79.69% CBD Total 2.18%  Total Terpenes: 4.227%
Made: 08/17/2016
Taste: Lemonade, sour, my eyes watered.
Smell: Like a Christmas tree
Onset: 5 minutes
Fade: 45 minutes
Texture: Loose, crumbly, resin, small solid pebbles
Form(s) of use: Banger
Paranoia: No
Strength: Potent
Tingling: No
Harshness: No and not for Alex either, which is rare because he coughs usually no matter what
Emotions: Clarity, peace
Positives: Kind of a deep thinker.
Negatives: I don’t like the jars they come in, I moved it into a rubbery container only because it was malleable enough to do so

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