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WIRE: CannaScore appeals banking revocation, offers free products

DENVER — CS Compliance Systems, developers of CannaScore – the world’s first real-time regulatory compliance auditing application for the cannabis industry, announced it is appealing the revocation of its credit card processing privileges, which occurred when its bank discovered the company was providing services to the marijuana industry.

During the appeal, the company is offering its products free of charge.

CannaScore audits assess adherence with a wide range of regulations, including licensing, security, personnel safety, food handling, pesticides, and chemical exposure. Banks, insurance firms, accountants and real estate developers can license CannaScore as a tool to ensure their cannabis clients are in compliance with regulations as mandated in the Cole Memo and finCEN Guidance. Self-audits are also frequently performed by cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution businesses.

“CS Compliance Systems is a software development company,” said Thomas Smith, Managing Partner. “We provide our systems to companies doing business in the cannabis sector, but that is no different than a power company, furniture company, or telephone company, selling products and services within this sector.”

Moreover, the U.S. Government has sanctioned CannaScore by issuing it a Trademark (registration 5,016,009). The United States Patent and Trademark Office will not issue a Trademark to any company that is in violation of the Controlled Substances Act. The USPTO concluded that CannaScore not only was not in violation of any federal law, but that it actually facilitated the implementation and auditing of federal and state policies.

While CannaScore works to have its credit card processing restored, the main beneficiaries continue to be other companies in the cannabis sector, as they can now download and use the award-winning software free of charge.

To use CannaScore free of charge, log on to and click on “Free Trial.”

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CS Compliance Systems developed CannaScore – an award winning application that provides real-time compliance auditing, scoring and analysis configured to state and local regulations, examining a wide range of vital business functions. Verified companies receive compliance certifications, giving assurance to regulators, banks, investors, landlords and company management.

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