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WIRE: Flow Kana launches sustainable small batch cannabis brand in Los Angeles

SAN FRANCISCO — Sustainable cannabis pioneer Flow Kana is spreading its reach and is now available in select dispensaries throughout Los Angeles.

The Bay-Area-based brand embraces “The California Way” and is on a mission to bridge the gap between Mendocino craft cannabis and the L.A. community.

Flow Kana partners with local, artisanal farms in the Emerald Triangle, helping them form agricultural cooperatives so that they have the scale and volume to compete with the bigger players. These farmers focus on small-batch boutique strains and promote the Californian philosophy of sustainable food and farming.

From seeds and soil to sun and people, Flow Kana believes that sustainability and the small-farmer ecosystem must be embraced and adopted by the cannabis community at large, especially as large-scale industrialized production becomes more of a reality in a post-legalization era.

“As the market matures and moves toward consolidation and efficiency, small farmers have to band together, share knowledge and expertise, and gain the scale that is necessary to compete, and that is what we are helping them to do,” said Michael Steinmetz, Flow Kana Founder and CEO.

Flow Kana has promoted farmer advocacy and united the cannabis industry with unique campaigns and messaging, which have marked a turning point in the way America sees cannabis and created synergy between the industry and major advertisers. The brand’s L.A. launch campaign will appear simultaneously in the form of billboards and posters, video content, guerilla marketing, social media, and in-store educational events.

Ethical choice in cannabis matters! Sun powered, craft cannabis farming is the most sustainable option. Indoor cannabis production consumes nearly 22 billion-kilowatt hours of electricity in the U.S. annually and accounts for almost 3% of California’s total electricity demand.

Flow Kana is now available in select dispensaries throughout LA and will be hosting regular patient appreciation days at Green Goddess, 99 High Tide, BSE, Buds & Roses and other key locations over the next month.  For more information, visit or connect with Flow Kana on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Bay area–based Flow Kana is a pioneer in the cannabis industry, creating the first sustainable, sun-grown cannabis brand that embraces California values and the small farmer ecosystem. Flow Kana partners with and gives scale to craft farmers in the Emerald Triangle who focus on small-batch boutique strains. This curated list of unique flowers is available to patients through select dispensaries and delivery services located in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, and is soon to expand throughout the rest of California. For more information, please visit or connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Contact: Rachel Krupa, Krupa Company t. 323.656.6995

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