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Strain Sheet: Skywalker OG Kush wax from Altered State (Washington)

Skywalker OG Kush wax from Altered States


Reviewers: Megan and Alex
Product: Skywalker O.G Kush shatter (wax)
Grower: Altered State (purchased at High 5 Cannabis)
Other product info and Stats: BHO Shatter CBD .3% THCA 89% THC 2.2% Total 80.9038%
Onset: Right away after taking two fatty hits (otherwise about 2 mins)
Fade: About an hour
Smell: Apple Cider
Taste: Pot infused tea
Forms of use: Alex, vape pen. He said it was sweet and tasty, then he coughed really hard and goes “that’s niiice, really nice.” I used my 14-ml male bucket in my 1-foot-tall glass on glass ice catching straight shooter, bucket by YO DABBA quartz, not “glass on glass” but works wonderful, got I huuge sweeet hits.
Strength: Potent, one good hit had me floored!
Emotions: Content, proud
Tingling: None
Texture: Shatter, easy to use and malleable between fingers
Relieves: Pain level in neck, shoulders and back
Paranoia: None other then Alex vaping it all!
Positives: Tastes great, sweet and a little dab will blast you!
Negatives: Pretty harsh on Alex with Vape Pen
Other Notes: Provides one of those hits that gets you coughing so bad after exhaling the biggest pillowing cloud that you don’t know what to do with yourself!

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