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Strain Sheet: White Widow wax from Kush Valley (Washington)

White Widow wax from Kush Valley


Reviewers: Megan & Alex
Company: Kush Valley (Washington)(sold at High 5 Cannabis)
Product name: White Widow wax
Stats: Total Terpenes 7.075%  THC 2.31%  THC Total 52.78%  CBD 32.81%
Smell: Sweet, medicinal, potent
Taste: Alex and I agree it tastes SOOOOOO GOOOD! Sweet and stony perfection!
Onset: A couple minutes
Fade: An hour almost
Form of use: Banger, sweet hits. Fat pillowy hits and a sweet aftertaste
Strength: Strong
Tingling: No, however I felt warm waves coming and going through the sides of my face
Emotions: Happy, content,
Paranoia: No
Texture: Goopy wax, sticky!
Positives: Everything
Negatives: The lid is a pain in the neck to get off.
Other Notes: I really enjoyed this product, if only it came in one of those rubbery things that don’t burn or if it was packaged in a glass container.

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