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Strain Sheet: Diesel OG Kush wax from Curious Crow (Washington)

Diesel OG Kush wax from Curious Crow


Reviewers: Alex and Megan
Strain: Diesel OG Kush Concentrate 1g (Hybrid)
Grower: Curious Crow (Washington)(sold at High 5 Cannabis)
Stats: THC 62.3%  CBD  .81%
Smell: Enticing
Taste: Bubble hashy
Onset: 2 mins
Fade: About an hour
Texture: Soft, malleable resin
Form of Use: Banger-Bucket whatever you call it. Fatty hits!
Strength: So very strong
Emotions: Grateful, loving, relaxed
Paranoia: None. Alex has none either
Relieves: Tension in muscles throughout body
Tingling: No
Control: Was a bit spacey
Focus: Spacey, zoned out
Positives: Potent, tasty,
Negatives: Made Alex cough his ass off and he and I both had to use his inhaler to recover
Other Notes: This was on sale, and well worth it, turns out. Looked great, and we have not tried this brand before. We are pleased overall. I have to travel a bit to go to High 5, but the store has ALWAYS been better than my local shop. I KNOW I will leave without buyer’s remorse and be happy with what I got.

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