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Strain Sheet: Orange Lion Bourbon Barrel Cure preroll from Prohibition Brands (Washington)

Orange Lion Bourbon Barrel Cure preroll from Prohibition Brands


Reviewers: Megan and Alex
Grower: Prohibition Brands Marijuana Blending Co. (Washington)(sold at High 5 Cannabis)
Strain: “Orange Lion, King of Buds,” Bourbon Barrel Cure
Other Info: They have about 3-4 others cured in Whiskey and other dark liquors.  Harvested date 10/18/2015
Stats: Total THC 19.37%  THCA 18.29%  CBD 0. 16%
Smell: Sweet mandarins
Taste: I can actually taste the bourbon, and a sweet flavor on my lips
Onset: 5-10 mins
Fade: About 90 mins
Burn Quality: Fixed it up several times due to uneven burning, however it wasn’t horrible or ruined
Strength: Medium Potency
Emotions: Mood boosted from feeling pretty demonic to becoming a butterfly – or maybe a bat….
Tingling: Slightly on the back of my neck, Alex felt a lot of tingling in his hands and lightly on his lips (I felt it in my lips too)
Paranoia: No
Harshness: I thought it was enjoyable, smooth and not harsh. Alex is surprised it did not make him cough more. He did cough, however barely comparing to his usual escapade!
Positives: Lived up to its hype and name and I would try it again in a different flavor
Negatives: The fixing upping is a pain in the ass
Control/Focus: Calm and collective enough to function

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