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Strain Sheet: Purple Diesel wax from Green Ghost (Washington)

Purple Diesel wax from Green Ghost


Reviewers: Megan and Alex
Product: Purple Diesel wax 1g (hybrid cross of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel)(Available at High-5 Cannabis and Mary Jane’s House of Grass)(Washington)
Grower: Green Ghost (Washington) (Processed by WOW Industries – Washington)
Stats: Total 63.59% THC   .17% CBD
Onset: Immediate SMACK in the face – WowZah!
Fade: About 30 mins
Smell: Chocolaty, pine tree aroma.
Taste: Chili powder in hot cocoa. then a grape aftertaste, Willy Wonka Style!
Strength: Medium to strong, after a hit, comes with a kick
Tingling: Not really other then slightly down my arms
Form of Use: Bong/bucket attachment
Emotions: Wowed! Joy, gratitude
Paranoia: None
Relieves: Anxiety, nausea
Positives: “Happy high” -Alex
Negatives: None other than wishing I had more
Other Notes: Will buy again, and other flavors by them

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