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Strain Sheet: Root Beer Alchemy Hard Candy from Uncle Roaner’s (Washington)

Root Beer Alchemy Hard Candy from Uncle Roaner’s


Reviewer: Megan
Product: Root Beer Alchemy Hard Candy (6 10mg servings per bag)
Grower: Uncle Roaner’s (extracted by Blue Roots Cannabis)(I got these from High 5 Cannabis and so far I haven’t been as pleased with edibles/medibles from anywhere else both in quality as well as price.)
Onset: I took two (melted one after the other in my mouth) And felt it about 20-35 mins later.
Fade: Several hours
Taste: Delicious!! Just an intriguing balance of Root Beer and THC. Root beer barrels are among my favorite candies, and these are the top dog of root beer candies!
Texture: Smooth across tongue and mouth, texture is satisfying to where the usual urge to bite and chew your hard candy just isn’t there because sucking on it is so satisfying – and there’s no weed taste. The candies are individually wrapped. They are rounded on top and flat on bottom, just short of the size of a 50 cent coin, and slightly larger than a quarter. They’re perfect!
Tingling: Up and down my arms
Vision: Exaggerated lights coming off the TV screen for me.
Strength: (I took 20 mg) Strong, noticeably different body high.
Other Notes: These are best enjoyed in the late afternoon or early evening because after a couple hours you’ll be comfortably drowsy. Great, tasty and efficient way to relax and wind down.

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