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Product Review: Rolling Tray from Marley Natural


By Mrs. Nice Guy
Special to Cannabis Daily Record


The Marley Natural small rolling tray is made out of sustainably grown American Black Walnut wood. It’s sleek design and rustic look are pleasing to the eye and gives off a more sophisticated vibe when being used.

The small rolling tray is about 9 inches long giving you the perfect amount of room to break down your buds, rolling them into a joint or blunt. The bottom right corner has a specially contoured cutout that’s designed for easy pouring while the magnetic scraper helps you gather your product for preparation.

Rolling trays should be a part of every tokers repertoire. Using magazines to roll is so passe, why not get yourself something that will give you a stable surface to roll on? The tray also come in handy when you’re not rolling. Personally I smoke most out of my bong, but would still like to keep my desk, coffee table, or counters clean when I’m toking, the Marley Natural rolling tray does a great job at being a multifaceted smoking accessory that functions as a rolling and grinding station.

You can get yourself one of these beauties for $65.00 from the Marley Natural shop where they have other beautifully hand crafted accessories to elevate your smoking experience.

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