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Strain Sheet: Gator Kush from The Green Vault (Washington)

Gator Kush from The Green Vault (Washington)


Name: Alex and Megan
Strain: Gator Kush
Grower: The Green Vault
Stats:  THC 22.56%  CBD .08% Total 22.56%
Onset:  Right after smoking a bong bowl
Fade: About 45 minutes
Taste: Has a purple kush flavor, as well as a champagne  or sparkling wine aftertaste.
Smell: Extremely potent aroma, fresh, sort of minty
Strength: Low, with a really euphoric aspect
Tingling: None
Paranoia: None
Relieves: Boredom, stress, bad mood
Emotions: Self aware, relaxed
Control/Focus: Not affected
Positives: Pretty buds, and a lot of them
Negatives: Had “high”er expectations as far as strength level
Other Notes: I matched on a joint by mixing some of this with a friend’s herb, and it made for an interesting flavor, and adventurous high!

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