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Strain Review: Training Day by Liberty Reach (Washington)

By Demetrois,
Budtender at Bud Nation Seattle


Strain: Training Day (Indica cross of Trainwreck and LA Confidential.)
Grower: Liberty Reach

Notes: Training Day has that classic indica heaviness, but it’s balanced with a euphoric and conversational high. Swearing was a lot more fun after smoking this strain, for example, so if you plan on doing a lot of swearing, Training Day is for you. You’ll probably want to smoke this strain in a comfortable, familiar place – it’s not the best strain for crowds but goes well with another smoker or a small group. It’s best for a quiet space to take full advantage of the mellow, warm high.

You’ll want to go slowly with Training Day; it can hit like a truck if you smoke too much, too quickly. The high onsets almost immediately and fades in around 2 hours. The smoke was smooth, thick, and tasted a bit like blueberries and sunflower seeds, so it’s a good choice to pair with a strong black coffee or tea.

This strain has a solid productive high, so it’s good for daytime smoking and won’t put you to sleep with about a gram. Focusing isn’t a problem on this strain, munchies weren’t an issue, and there was no paranoia, so Training Day is an all-around solid choice for casual smoking or the lunchtime bowl.

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