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WIRE: Nature’s Dream launches Cannacopia marijuana strain finder app

LOS ANGELES — Michael Weiss, founder of the Morpheus P2P file sharing application, once the most downloaded software on the Internet, announced today the launch of his new company, Nature’s Dream, and the release and availability of its Cannacopia™ mobile app on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Cannacopia recommends which marijuana strains will help you feel the way you want based on your desired mental mood, physical effect, medical condition and taste preferences.

“Cannacopia is a lot like Yelp, but for the cannabis crowd, and it’s free,” said Weiss, Founder, and President of Nature’s Dream. With over 7500 different marijuana strains to choose from, Cannacopia solves the users’ confusion of what strains of cannabis to purchase, where to purchase, how much to spend, and where to find the best value. Users can rate, recommend, and review. Cannacopia displays high-resolution images of the recommended strains for use as comparison at purchase time.

“With global legalization of marijuana on the horizon, our technology will shape the future of mass market marijuana and revolutionize the way people search, shop, and consume legal cannabis products,” stated Weiss.

“Consumers no longer need to spend time searching from strain to strain just to find the ones they want,” explained Larry Rosner, Partner in Nature’s Dream and former software executive. “With other cannabis apps, you need to type the name of each specific strain to see its effects, a daunting task when searching through hundreds of strains. Cannacopia evaluates the percentages of each effect in the strain enabling you to ‘dial-in’ thousands of combinations of desired effects to find the one perfect for you. No other app does this, and you can’t even search Google to find these results.”

Users slide Cannacopia’s 4 touch-screen buttons to choose their medical condition, mental mood, physical effect, and taste preferences. Cannacopia then displays the strain or strains that best match their choices, along with near-by state licensed medical marijuana dispensaries or legal retail outlets where they can be obtained.

ABOUT: Nature’s Dream is a start-up venture in the cannabis-technology industry. For its media kit, visit


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