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Strain Sheet: Permafrost Honeycomb from Rogue Raven Farms (Washington)

Permafrost Honeycomb from Rogue Raven Farms (Washington)


Name: Alex & Megan
Product: Permafrost Honeycomb (Harvested 8/2016) (Sativa BHO Honeycomb, comes with two containers each holding 0.5g)
Grower: Rogue Raven Farms
Stats: THC 73% CBD .26%
Onset: About 7-10mins
Fade: 30-40mins
Smell: Slightly perfumy, (in a good way) like Hempz body lotion
Taste: The best tasting honey apple crisp you ever bite into!
Consistency/Texture: Crumbles into powder by gentle touch
Tingling: No
Emotions: Great mood, having fun
Paranoia: None
Relieves: Hunger, appetite issues
Positives: Taste delicious, a lot of product
Negatives: Hard to use because of how easily it breaks down into powder, if my vape pen had been working I would’ve just used it in that. Trying to use a nectar collector (which is all i have beside the vape) just sucked it up more than anything. It’s overrated because of the fact it is by “Rogue Raven Farms” who hands down has some of the best primo weed I’ve seen, so I figured the concentrate must be just as great! I only tried the one so maybe they have others that are more user-friendly.
Other Notes: Wouldn’t buy again

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