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Strain Sheet: Stephen Hawking Kush from Rogue Raven Farms (Washington)

Stephen Hawking Kush from Rogue Raven Farms (Washington)


Name: Alex and Megan
Strain: Stephen Hawking Kush
Stats: THC 17.23% CBD 10.57% (Indica)
Grower: Rogue Raven Farms
Harvested: 08/2016
Onset: About 5 mins
Fade: About 30 mins, however back pain subsided for several hours
Taste: Like those “green smoothies” from Jamba Juice
Smell: As soon as I cut the seal, a burst of a pungent, skunky aroma expelled from the bag
Tingling: No
Strength: Light
Emotions: Content, relaxed, grateful and sleepy
Control/Focus: Unimpaired
Relieves: Back pain, nerve pain in neck
Paranoia: No
Positives: Nice, light high, high CBD & THC mix
Negatives: Not as potent THC wise as I hoped
Other Notes: This was a special treat, we tried to save it for as long as we could. The relief it provides from physical pain is miraculous. This strain is fun for doing art, coloring and even working out! Loved it

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