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WIRE: CannaFo app lets customers pre-order for pick up at dispensaries

BEND, Ore. — CannaFo has just made buying marijuana virtually as easy as buying pizza. Its new Pre-Order option allows cannabis consumers to skip the lengthy lines often associated with dispensaries.

“Lines at dispensaries can create a lot of waiting and frustration,” CannaFo President, Kelly Martin explained. “We wanted to help make the process better for everyone.”

In an effort to help expedite the process for businesses and consumers, Pre-Order allows one’s favorite cannabis products to be ready and waiting for pick-up, as long as it’s the same day. All that is necessary to perform this simple, yet extraordinary task is to download the CannaFo app and complete a simple registration.

The Pre-Order option is available with participating dispensaries, and works like ordering from a menu. Scroll through, select choice and quantity, and then proceed to checkout. Once an order is placed, the business receives a notification. When filled, a text or email is sent to the consumer, alerting them to come and avoid the lines.

As obviously attractive to consumers as it seems, businesses also benefit from Pre-Order. Streamlining the flow of business grants dispensaries the opportunity to serve more people without a decline in service.

CannaFo recently revolutionized the industry with its launch of the nation’s first online cannabis trading platform, Trade Desk.  The trading platform seamlessly connects marijuana producers, processors, and dispensaries with each other in ways previously nonexistent. CannaFo is excited about Pre-Order and Trade Desk, and offering each of their services free for sixty days to new subscribers.

Access is important to CannaFo, and they programmed the app to be available to anyone, no matter whether it is tablet, IOS, or Android. According to Josh Pardee, Co-founder/Lead Engineer, “There is simply no device that can’t access the info.”

CannaFo, headquartered in Bend, Oregon, is the world’s largest online resource for all things cannabis. With over 150,000 cannabis-related businesses and dispensaries, and over 8000 strains in its database, the site provides a comprehensive directory, marketplace and social platform for cannabis consumers, businesses and growers/producers. While only less than a year old, CannaFo has over 90,000 followers on Facebook and continues working each day to help build the industry they love.

1558 SW Nancy Way Suite 104
Bend, Oregon 97703



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