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Strain Sheet: Fat Purple from Sunshine Farms (Washington)

Fat Purple from Sunshine Farms (Washington)


Reviewer: SueVo
Strain: Fat Purple (Sativa hybrid – according the the company’s website. No parentage information given.)(Sold at High-5 Cannabis, The Herbery and Mary Jane’s House of Grass)
Grower: Sunshine Farms (Vancouver, Washington)
Onset time: About three minutes
Fade: About an hour and 40 minutes
Strength: Medium to strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): Forehead, ears, cheeks, shoulders, upper back, nose, feet, shins.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): A bit thick headed but I can control my focus OK. Some spacy aspects to it.
Emotions: Calm, relaxed.
Paranoia: No.
Energy level: On the low side, a little couchy but not sleepy.
Smell: Musk, pine, citrus.
Relieves: Anxiety, PTSD, stiff shoulders, headache.
Positives: Nice solid head and body relaxation. Good anxiety relief. Helps calm the mind and slow things down.
Negatives: None.
Other notes: Tight trim. Love the silly “vegan” and “cage free” note on the bags.

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