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Strain Sheet: Lemon OG preroll from OrGrow (Washington)

Lemon OG preroll from OrGrow (Washington)


Name: Megan
Strain: Lemon OG .75g pre-roll
Grower: OrGrow (Washington)
Info: Harvesed 4/28/16, Hybrid, Total Cannabinoids 23.3%  Total THC & THCA 22.7% CBD.18%  Total Activated THC&THCA 20.0%
Onset: About a minute or so after smoking it
Fade: About 2 hours
Taste: Bourbon-ish
Smell: I forgot to smell it before I burned it, however the container it came in smelled like candy.
Tingling: On my head, forehead, and arms
Strength: Captivating! (strong)
Emotions: Peaceful
Relieves: Stress and Anxiety
Paranoia: No
Control/Focus: Great
Positives: Burned nicely, smoothly, didn’t run at all
Negatives: None! 😊
Other Notes: Very satisfying burn!

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