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Strain Sheet: Dothraki Thunder from Sweet As! (Washington)

Dothraki Thunder from Sweet As! (Washington)


Name: Megan
Strain: Dothraki Thunder (no strain info on the company’s website or leafly. Possibly some sort of ATF hybrid)
Grower: Sweet As! (purchased at Sticky’s Pot Shop)
Onset: Right away
Fade: About 45 minutes
Strength: Medium
Tingling: None felt
Control/Focus: Good. Control is just fine.
Emotions: Mixed (I was having a bad day and it didn’t improve my mood much, although it did help me relax a bit)
Paranoia: No
Taste: Earthy, “good tasting dirt”  sour candy, fresh
Smell: Like an herb garden
Relieves: Stomach cramping
Positives: Cool name, my fav character is Khaleesi
Negatives: Wasn’t much to it, went fast.
Other Notes: Pretty relaxing chill high

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