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WIRE: Elixinol to launch new product and present PTSD findings at CWCB Expo

LOS ANGELES – Global CBD industry leader Elixinol, Gold Sponsor of the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBExpo) Sept. 8 — 9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, will be launching a new product straight from its laboratory.


The company will also be presenting research on cannabidiol (CBD) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through Medical Director, Col. Philip Blair, M.D. (retired, US Army).

“The CWCBExpo is a world-class organization so our participation in the event is a natural fit for Elixinol,” said Paul Benhaim, Co-founder of Elixinol. “We’re very proud to be able to contribute so significantly to the already remarkable global excitement surrounding the conference with our product launch and Dr. Blair’s findings.”

Elixinol’s new product will be the first of its kind, and like other Elixinol products it will be a whole-plant product ensuring that users receive the purest and most-effective CBD available today.

“Our laboratory has been hard at work on this formulation and I know CBD users around the world will appreciate this product’s unique targeting properties,” said Benhaim. “CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory abilities and this product is specifically designed for tired muscles and athletes.”

In addition to the new product launch, Elixinol’s Medical Director Dr. Blair will present highly anticipated clinical and qualitative findings about the use of CBD in PTSD sufferers. More than 9 million people suffer from PTSD in the United States, and more than 7-8% of people will suffer from PTSD at some point in their lives.

At a time when many people are seeking alternatives to synthetic drugs, Dr. Blair’s evidence-based findings that many PSTD sufferers can find relief from their symptoms using CBD, without the side-effects associated with synthetic drugs, will be welcomed by PTSD sufferers and their families.

Despite being best known as a condition suffered by veterans, 10% of all women will suffer from PTSD at some point in their lives, according to

“Given my military background, I work with many veterans, but PTSD affects many who have experienced trauma outside of the battlefield. In fact, women experience PTSD at over twice the rate of men,” said Blair.

PTSD affects about 8 million Americans in any given year, according to the Department of Veteran Affairs, but Dr. Blair states that number may be low because of under-reporting in both men and women.

“Because PTSD is brought on by emotional as well as physical trauma, many men and women choose not to report their PTSD for fear that doing so may mean reliving the trauma,” says Dr. Blair.

By presenting his findings to the cannabis community, Dr. Blair hopes to increase acceptance of organic CBD treatment for PTSD, “in my experience, there is no downside to CBD treatment for PTSD. There is no risk of overdose or negative side effects. And because it doesn’t create a “high” like medical marijuana CBD won’t interfere with daily activities and relationships.”

Dr. Blair will be available for Los Angeles-based in-studio interviews on September 8 and September 9. He will also be available for interviews at the Los Angeles Convention Center after his 1 PM presentation on September 8.

“Elixinol’s organic, whole-plant CBD provides PTSD sufferers with a “healthy, not high” alternative to synthetic medications, and it’s truly an honor to be of help with these brave men and women who suffer from PTSD,” said Benhaim.

About Elixinol:
Colorado-based Elixinol, founded by Paul Benhaim, hemp entrepreneur since 1991, is widely regarded as one of the most influential CBD manufacturers in the world. With a proven track record of growing and manufacturing high-quality hemp, Elixinol also conducts rigorous laboratory testing and quality control. A global leader in distribution, consulting and hemp education, Elixinol distributes CBD products in the United States, Japan, Puerto Rico and the UK. Elixinol and its global partners, including Elixinol Japan, recently introduced hemp oil Liposomes, with superior absorption and real fruit flavor, and the X-pen, the most precise CBD oil delivery system. More information available at

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