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Strain Sheet: Blue Dream Wax from Dab Dudes (Washington)

Blue Dream Wax from Dab Dudes (Washington)


Name: Megan and Alexander
Strain: Blue Dream wax (77.28% THC) (Hybrid-sativa cross of Blueberry and Haze)(Sold at Sticky’s)
Grower: Dab Dudes (Processed by Cowlitz Cannabis)(Produced by Okanogan Valley Nursery)(Washington)
Onset: Slowly comes on within about five minutes
Fade: About a half-hour.
Strength: Light
Tingling: Feet and heels (Alex says)
Control/Focus: Not horrible, but not on point either. I could function just fine (Megan says)
Emotions: Relaxed, thoughtful
Paranoia: No
Smell: Potent THC/Kief
Taste: Clean, lemon souffle. With a leafy/veggie aftertaste
Energy Level: Moderate
Relieves: Sharp nerve pain in back
Positives: Relaxing and mellow
Negatives: Fades very quickly
Other Notes: When vaped it tastes like lemon cotton candy


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