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WIRE: Vela opens new dispensary in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood

SEATTLE, WASH. — Vela, a premium cannabis retailer, has opened new location in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood.


The newly-opened store offers a carefully curated cannabis experience, with its premium-quality products, expert staff and — exclusive in Washington state — the opportunity for guests to view the legal cannabis production process, from growth to extraction to finishing to sale.

Vela shares a corridor with Suncliff and Field Day, and the three businesses have come together to offer guests a unique cannabis destination. Guests can walk down the hall to see Field Day’s grow room and Suncliff’s extraction labs through specially-designed windows, viewing the process “from plant to package,” much how they can view bread being made at the Macrina Bakery across the street.

“We’re excited to bring an unparalleled experience to our guests,” said Erin Green, general manager of Vela. “Education, wellness and community are the essence of Vela’s unique approach to cannabis, and we plan to incorporate those tenets into everything we do at the store.”

Vela’s expert “guides” offer education and advice to guests of all experience levels, from those experimenting with cannabis for the first time to connoisseurs seeking out a new favorite strain.

By listening to guests’ needs and helping them navigate the Vela SpectrumTM, the guides help find the product that will offer guests their desired experience, whether it’s to “Hush,” “Unwind,” “Flourish,” “Ignite,” or somewhere in between. Guests with medical needs may speak with one of Vela’s certified Medical Consultants. Additionally, Vela offers a variety of low-THC, high-CBD products for guests to experience the benefits of cannabis without necessarily getting “high.”

In addition to these curated personal experiences, the store will offer an ongoing series of “Vela Gatherings,” community events, including lectures and workshops that seek to explore every facet of cannabis, including the laws, culture and industry that revolve around it. The first of these Vela Gatherings will take place at the store on Saturday, September 3 at 11:00 a.m., when hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg will hold a meet-and-greet in support of the Cannabis Law & Policy Project at the University of Washington School of Law.

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About Vela

Vela is a premium cannabis retailer seeking to elevate both recreational and medicinal experiences through carefully curated, personalized journeys for its guests. In a welcoming space for both first time explorers and regular purveyors, Vela’s expert guides help guests make a personal, curated cannabis choice, aided by the Vela SpectrumTM. Vela resides in a unique facility in which three separate businesses share a common corridor that allows guests to see the various stages of cannabis product production (from growth to extraction to finishing to sale). Just blocks away from Safeco and CenturyLink Fields, Vela is located at 1944 1st Ave. S in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. For store hours and more information, visit

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