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WIRE: Oregon LCC issues licenses to first two recreational processors and labs

Portland, Oregon – The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has issued licenses to the first two labs accredited to test cannabis flower and other cannabis products in Oregon’s regulated recreational marijuana system. The OLCC has also approved the licenses for two recreational marijuana processors.

“Now businesses are licensed to start testing product which will allow its movement through our regulatory system and the industry supply chain,” said Steve Marks, OLCC Executive Director. “We expect additional lab capacity to come online to meet the needs of the fall marijuana harvest.”

Pixis Labs and Green Leaf Lab, both in Multnomah County, are now allowed to test product provided to them by other licensees using the state’s Cannabis Tracking System (CTS). Pixis and Green Leaf Lab have also been certified by ORELAP, the State of Oregon’s laboratory accreditation program, administered by the Oregon Health Authority.

Loud Labs, LLC and Frave, Inc., both located in Multnomah County, are licensed to process cannabis flower into other cannabis products. Loud Labs, doing business as Dab Society Extracts, is licensed to produce concentrates, edibles and extracts. Frave, doing business as Cascadia Herbals, is licensed to produce concentrates and edibles.

To date, the OLCC has approved 231 recreational marijuana producer, lab, wholesaler, and processor licenses. OLCC investigators are processing 548 other applications, and the OLCC is reviewing between 250 to 300 additional applications that have not submitted an approved Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS). Obtaining an approved LUCS is a threshold requirement for an applicant to complete before the OLCC begins processing the application or assigns it to an investigator.

The OLCC is in the process of notifying license applicants that have been inactive and/or unresponsive to OLCC communications for 60 or more days that their application may be inactivated. OLCC staff is contacting inactive applicants by email and U.S. Postal Service mail to inform them of the impending inactivation, and applicants will have the opportunity to respond prior to being inactivated by providing any missing information needed to continue processing the application within 21 days of the notice.  (503) 872-5000

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