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Critic’s Choice: CDR’s top five Washington picks for August

Welcome to the launch of Critic’s Choice – a new feature at CDR listing our top product suggestions each month!

Looking for something new to pick up from your local dispensary? This feature will sift through our reviews so you don’t have to – listing only the best of the best.


Here’s what we loved in August:

  1. Here in Washington, we saw the launch of a great new line of savory edibles from American Baked Company. If you want to avoid sugary edibles, these guys have a great array of crackers, crisps and even a tomato soup mix. We checked out their Spicy Cheddar Crackers and enjoyed the cheesy goodness and deep relaxing body buzz!
  2. If you’re looking for a high CBD medical strain with a great overall body buzz, it’s hard to go wrong with Misty from Dawg Star Cannabis. It’s fantastic for fighting an array of body aches and pain while also giving you a moderate head high that doesn’t knock you flat on the floor.
  3. Looking for another way to consume cannabis? We love Fairwinds’ line of RTM (Ready to Mix) powdered drink mixes. The company launched a new variety in August, Purplehaze Hypnotic Blend, that will have you chilling on the couch with a big grin on your face! As an added bonus, cannabis drinks tend to kick in faster than other edibles – generally in about 45 minutes as opposed to two hours – meaning you get to that blissful relaxation quicker.
  4. How about another new and interesting consumption method? Oakor Slips One to One breath strips gave us a great pain-relieving body buzz with a focused head high – and clean, fresh peppermint breath! Another relatively fast-onset product in the edible category that kicked in about an hour after putting the strip under the tongue.
  5. Looking for a good head knocker? We recommend Purple Power from Earth Rising Farms. With a big wall-of-euphoria head high, moderate energy and happy mood adjusting qualities, there’s a lot of love to go around on this one.

We’ll be back next month with more selections!

Got something you think we should try? Interested in reviewing products in your area for CDR? Please email editor Sue Vorenberg at and let us know! 

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