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Marley Natural launches flower, vape lines in Oregon

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Marley Natural, an up-and-coming big name in the national cannabis industry, launched its first selection of marijuana flower and vapes in Oregon on Wednesday at NECTAR in Portland.


The company, based in New York, has so far launched recreational or medical cannabis products in California and Oregon. It plans to launch similar product lines in Washington state this fall, with more recreational states likely in the works after voters decide on several legalization ballot initiatives in November, said Berrin Noorata, a spokeswoman for Marley Natural.

“We hope to launch in other states next year,” she said.

The company held a special launch event at NECTAR on Sandy Boulevard in Portland on August 24.

In Oregon, Marley Natural uses Applegate Valley Farms in the Applegate Valley to produce its line of four types of flower and vape cartridges.

The company’s strains are labeled very simply for new users – as Marly Black (indica), Marley Red (high CBD), Marley Gold (sativa) and Marly Green (hybrid).

More experienced users can find the actual strain names for each variety on the packaging. The strains will likely change through seasons, Noorata said.


The first strains in the Oregon line are Romulan (Marley Black indica), Harley Tsu (Marley Red CBD), Colombian Gold (Marley Gold) and Burmese Kush (Marley Green). Those strains are the same in flower and vape.

At NECTAR, prices are $40 an eighth or $40 for a 0.5 g vape – before taxes. After taxes they run about $50 each.

The company’s California and Oregon lines are all sungrown (outdoors) and “free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers,” which is what the “Natural” part of the company name suggests, Noorata said.

The vapes are made by Applegate Valley Farms using subcritical CO2 extraction, a method that produces less yield than supercritical CO2 extraction – but higher quality oil, said Tracy Anderson, the company’s marketing director.

“It’s less damaging to the cannabinoids,” Anderson said. “You don’t get as much oil in the process, but it protects the plant a lot more.”

Marley Natural also has a line of paraphernalia products like bubblers, pipes and rolling trays. And it has a line of non-infused hemp seed oil bath and body products that can be purchased in all 50 states.

“Hemp seed oil is a great moisturizer,” Noorata said. “It’s the main ingredient in that line. And we supplement that with Jamaican botanicals like lemon grass, lavender and bergamot.”

The company’s Oregon products will be available at select NECTAR and Serra locations. Visit the Marley Natural website for more details.

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