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Strain Sheet: Girl Scout Cookies from OrGrow (Washington)

Girl Scout Cookies from OrGrow (Washington)


Name: Megan
Strain: Girl Scout Cookies (hybrid cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison)
Grower: OrGrow (Washington)
Onset: Right after bong bowl.
Fade: About an hour and a half
Strength: Strong and heady
Tingling: Inside my nose and the side of my face
Control: Good. Only affected by lethargy
Emotions: Relaxed, can easily sleep
Paranoia: None
Energy Level: Moderate/Neutral. I did pilates for 20 minutes then took a short, yet fulfilling nap for an hour
Positives: As soon as I put the bong down, I felt light and warm and light headed in a good way (not the dizzy, fainty way.)
Negatives: Slightly overpriced at Sticky’s at $14 a gram.
Taste/Smell: “Green flavored” Resembling sweet or candied veggies and fruit. The aroma was that of a plant nursery, very floral and green..
Other Notes: The nug is beautiful, like green quartz crystals

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