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Strain Sheet: AMC Wax from Dab Dudes (Washington)

AMC Wax from Dab Dudes


Name: Alex
Strain: AMC Wax (50/50 hybrid – no parentage information)(87.9% THC .3% CBD)
Grower: Dab Dudes (Processed by Cowlitz Cannabis)(Produced by Okanogan Valley Nursery)(Washington)
Onset Time: Instantly. When you get that first good hit off the vape, BOOM – you’re blasted.
Fade: I smoke non stop pretty much. If I’m working I notice it lasts about 40 minutes
Strength: Very Strong
Tingling: On my lips and nose
Control: Able to work just fine
Emotions: Calm and ready for the day
Paranoia: No
Energy Level: Normal
Smell: Sweet and peachy
Relieves: Stress about working, the dread of having to go to work
Positives: Very user friendly considering I have no dab tools. Fun to smoke/vape. Tastes like apple fritter
Negatives: Somewhat harsh
Other Notes: Gets you super stoned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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