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WIRE: NW Cannabis Classic to refocus efforts on cannabis competitions and awards

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — The NW Cannabis Classic is changing. Change is inevitable. Everything changes. It’s a necessary part of growth, and the Cannabis Classic is growing.


The original idea and mission for the Cannabis Classic was to promote the development of the cannabis industry throughout the Northwest. The way we chose to do this was by producing a cannabis tasting festival where cannabis consumers and cannabis producers come together, sample products, exchange feedback, and build relationships.

When the Cannabis Classic began in Alaska in 2015, the rules and regulations made pulling off the Cannabis Classic in its intended form nearly impossible. Yet we were still able to produce a high-quality cannabis event, where marijuana was on display, traded, and secretly sampled. Still, our events were marketed to consumers, but felt more like a business-to-business show.

NWCC’s roots lie in the development and promotion of the cannabis industry. Sometimes the idea can be completely right, but the focus and execution completely wrong. We are pursuing our original goal, just getting back to our core and intent.

What we do well is the cannabis competition and awards show. What we do best are creating unique experiences such as VIP parties, festivals, and celebrations that involve consumers.
What we are not is a cumbersome business-to-business, home & garden tradeshow. There are plenty of those shows currently be offered from Maximum Yield to CannaCon and the THC Fair. We are not a B2B event. We are not a tradeshow.

Here is what the Cannabis Classic is: the Cannabis Classic is a cannabis competition and awards show. The Cannabis Classic features a private tasting festival called The Taste of Terps Festival, which is held at a private venue, and is by invite-only. The Cannabis Classic recognizes and celebrates the best growers through competition. The competition is double-blind, and judged by consumers.

In the past, the producers of the Cannabis Classic deviated from the original mission by including vendors that were not marijuana producers. Going forward, the Cannabis Classic will get back to its core mission, which is producing world-class cannabis competitions, tasting festivals, and awards show, like the 2015 Portland Cannabis Classic.

In addition to getting back to its core, the event will now be known as the Cannabis Classic. For more information on the Cannabis Classic or to enter samples into this September’s competition, please visit

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