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EVENTS: Alaska Weed Week, Sept. 6-11, 2016 introduces Sched App

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – With 40-plus lecture sessions and 12-plus social activities, Anchorage Weed Week is sure to keep attendees schedules packed over the course of the six-day event taking place in Anchorage, Alaska, September 6-11.

That’s why the organizers of Weed Week have contracted with to manage attendees schedules and help them make the most of their time.

With four separate tracks, multiple location, concurrent sessions, and a myriad of speakers and events, Sched allows attendees to pick which sessions and events they want to attend, and build a personalized schedule.

“With the Sched App, Weed Week attendees can create their own custom schedule, mix-and-match across four separate tracks, and keep everything organized,” said Cory Wray, one of the organizers of Weed Week. “Attendees can also look at sessions and activities as a list, in a grid, or according to track”

Weed Week is for entrepreneurs and leaders, and brings together the cannabis industry to share information, insights, and ideas through education, entertainment, and experiences. It is the first cannabis event to use the Sched App.

“Once attendees experience how fun and easy it is to customize their experience using Sched, other cannabis event planners are sure to follow along,” says Wray.

Weed Week attendees using the app can download it on their Android and iOS so they can take their itinerary with them on the go.

For more information about Weed Week or sponsorship and speaking opportunities, visit

About the event:

The primary goal of Weed Week is to bring the cannabis community together to share information, insights, and ideas through education, entertainment, experiences, and great cannabis. The idea behind Weed Week is to help normalize cannabis, and promote world class cities with world class cannabis.

Join us for one or all of the 10+ different activities and 40+ seminars presented to you over one incredible week in September. Or maybe enter the mid-summer harvest cup and see how your favorite products rank among your peers.

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