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WIRE: Prohibition Gold releases Potshotz powdered marijuana mixer in Washington

SEATTLE — Prohibition Gold, a Seattle-based marijuana company, announces a major step forward in the legal recreational-marijuana market with Potshotz™, a premeasured single gram of neutral tasting white powder that quickly dissolves when added to any beverage.


“This isn’t what comes to mind when you think about marijuana,” said co-founder Tom Williams. “It looks different and creates an entirely new product category for marijuana. It’s such a convenient, easy-to-use powdered mixer.”

Potshotz come in small packets containing 10mg of THC in just a quarter teaspoon  of powder. “We worked hard to simplify our recipe so it blends well with other flavors,” said Williams. “It really creates almost unlimited possibilities for anyone who enjoys marijuana.”

Prohibition Gold adopted a populist approach to marketing Potshotz with the tagline “Power to the People.” The company says their products offer consumers of legal age more freedom of choice to enjoy marijuana responsibly. The company’s logo, featuring a running devil, suggests users can have some “devilishly good fun” by infusing their own drinks.

Company founders, Tom Williams and Greg Walters, originally began their venture when they launched a Bourbon-infused line of bakery products just as Washington State legalized recreational marijuana in 2012. Although Bourbon enhances cuisine, it is illegal in the U.S. to sell food products containing more than 1% alcohol. So, making legally intoxicating edibles became a major inspiration for the entrepreneurs.

The Prohibition Gold partners worked with professional food-industry scientists to distill their product down to a fast-acting neutral tasting powder. Most edible marijuana products mask the taste of cannabis with sugar or synthetic sweeteners.  “We followed a healthier and more sophisticated approach that creates a fantastic way for consumers to infuse their favorite drinks,” said Walters. “Why try to reinvent the consumer’s favorite beverages when all that’s missing for most people is the THC.”

Potshotz for beverages is now available in Washington State’s recreational stores.  Prohibition Gold’s next product, Topshotz™, another powdered product designed as a “culinary marijuana mixer” for food, will be released later this year.

“The prohibition on marijuana is ending and we’re already a long way from yesterday’s pot brownies,” said Walters. “We can’t wait to see how consumers innovate with our products.  The possibilities for what you can add THC to are endless.”

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SOURCE Prohibition Gold

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