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EVENTS: MagicalButter to sponsor Dirty Heads Summer Tour 2016

NEW YORK, NY —  For the very first time, the cannabis and music industries will merge together to create a brand-new revenue stream for artists, while simultaneously giving back to their fans by lowering ticket prices for upcoming shows.

Renowned cannabis-industry innovator will be partnering with Sublime with Rome and Dirty Heads for their 2016 Summer Tour, which launches on July 1st at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre in St. Augustine, Florida. The music industry has been struggling to produce revenue due to illegal online streaming and steep concert costs, so the partnership between MagicalButter and Sublime with Rome and Dirty Heads could not come at a better time. (See tour dates here.)

Ready for repeat on your summer playlist, Dirty Heads will be releasing their self-titled fifth studio album on July 15th, featuring their newest hit single, “That’s All I Need”, the ultimate sunshine anthem. As one of the most-added tracks at Alt Radio, currently standing in the Top 20, the single will be making its national television debut on The Today Show, August 3rd at 9:00 a.m. Grab your pre-order today, so Dirty Heads can curate your summer. Available at iTunes and Amazon MP3.

In teaming up with these artists, the CEO of MagicalButter, Garyn Angel, created an innovative revenue model that benefits the bands and their fans, as well as his company.

In an effort to spread the message of health and wellness, MagicalButter has signed on to be the head sponsor for the summer tour. This represents a tremendous promotional opportunity in terms of a MagicalButter branded tour bus, high visibility at shows, social media mentions, branded merchandise, and so much more. The band will use part of that money to cover their production costs, which in turn will allow them to lower ticket prices for their fans. Everyone wins.

The second part of the partnership unveils a simple way for artists to make additional income through a revenue-sharing program that Angel developed. Artists with whom MagicalButter agrees to team up will get the opportunity to co-brand a line of the Botanical Extractor™, the company’s flagship product, which is the world’s first countertop device to make edible cannabis extracts at the touch of a button. The co-branded appliances will be offered online, in stores, at dispensaries, and also at the live shows. The band will share in the profits from sales of the co-branded merchandise.


Garyn Angel is an award-winning financier, inventor, and philanthropist from Port Richey, Florida. Prior to becoming a renowned expert in the commercial aspects of cannabis (cannabusiness), he had a successful career as one of the nation’s top financial advisors. That career path allowed him to develop a very diverse business background.

In 2011, fueled by the desire to help an extremely ill friend, Angel developed the first self-contained herbal extraction appliance for the home kitchen. The device processes cannabis into an ingestible form that eliminates the toxicity of smoke and maintains consistent quality. His friend’s stunning results with the machine eventually led Angel to launch and begin to advocate international cannabis law reform. In 2014 he was selected to the exclusive CNBC NEXT List of global business visionaries for his work in the field of legal marijuana. Angel was joined on the list by influential leaders in other fields including the CEOs of Apple, GM, Google, MasterCard, Netflix, Tesla, and Twitter. He continues to use his knowledge and experience to help bring the benefits of cannabis to the world.

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