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OPINIONS: Three cannabis-friendly international spots to vacation this summer

By The Junky G 
Guest Blogger

With more and more regions legalizing marijuana, vacation destinations for the cannabis consumer are really opening up. While the old classic Amsterdam is still a great place to visit if you get a chance, many warmer weather spots are opening up to cannabis tourism as well. If you’d love to lay out on the beach with some bud, check out this list of the top cannabis friendly retreats so you can start planning your summer vacation in paradise traveling to one of these places maybe even in your own boat that you can rent in this this site for charters online for a great vacation experience.


#3 Jamaica

While cannabis is still not totally legal on the island known for its down to earth, marijuana friendly atmosphere, it has recently been decriminalized. For the most part, tourists enjoying a joint responsibly will be left alone. Even in the worst-case scenario you would be facing a small fine. Jamaicans know that cannabis culture drives a lot of tourists to the area and because of this, you will have no trouble finding weed if you want it. Cab drivers and hotel workers will be your best sources, while all sorts of enterprising types may approach you with offers during your stay on the island. If you offer to smoke with the person you’re buying from, they may even bring out some of their best strains to share. While you’re there, enjoy the tropical climate, snorkeling, surfing, and laid back lifestyle Jamaica has to offer. You may never want to come home!

#2 US Virgin Islands


If you’re looking for somewhere to soak in the sun without having to bring your passport, the US Virgin Islands offer the perfect refuge. The three Caribbean islands offer something for everyone, from nightlife to nature to some of the best scuba diving sites in the world. While these territories still operate under the federal government of the United States, marijuana has been quietly decriminalized here, so adults in possession of up to one full ounce of marijuana only have to worry about a fine, rather than jail time. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re smart about your use and choose proper accommodations. So, relax and enjoy all that the islands have to offer.

#1 Uruguay


With its miles of beautiful beaches, numerous historical landmarks, and larger than life sculptures, Uruguay is an attractive destination to any vacationer. It’s also the first country to legalize cannabis on the federal level. While tourists aren’t technically allowed to purchase marijuana, they are allowed to have it shared with them by the gracious residents of the country. Because of this loophole, an entire unique industry has taken over cannabis tourism in the country- the bud and breakfast. Much like AirBnB, (with one notable twist) hosts provide their guests with clean, comfortable lodging, a range of amenities, and marijuana for the duration of their stay. Public smoking laws in the country are similar to those for cigarettes- anyone over 18 can smoke virtually anywhere that’s not a public building or an enclosed place of work. There are even tours visitors can take to learn more about cannabis culture in the country.

Because of restrictive public smoking laws in many areas, these types of privately owned bud and breakfasts are becoming increasingly common all over the world. “420 friendly” hosts can be found in all areas, even those where marijuana is not legalized and hosts take on a significant amount of legal risk. Even so, the market is there, and with hotels and resorts unable to accommodate cannabis tourists due to public use laws, someone has to step up.

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