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WIRE: Colorado to require new labeling on cannabis edibles starting Oct. 1

DENVER — After October 1st, the new mandatory cannabis symbol will be required on all cannabis capsules sold in Colorado.

The Capsule Consulting Group is equipped with the machinery and experience necessary to help Colorado’s cannabis capsule producers comply with the new packaging requirements. With our state of the art printing technology, we can effectively and efficiently incorporate these new branding regulations as well as any other logos, symbols or dosage-markings, processors may wish to include.

Post October 1, 2016, all marijuana infused recreational and medicinal products must adhere to a new set of packaging requirements.

The requirements, per Colorado’s new legislation, demand that all edible products be clearly stamped with a “THC or THC-M Diamond.” The symbol aims to indicate to the consumer that the product will cause psychoactive effects if eaten, thus preventing children and unsuspecting consumers from consuming the edible.

All Colorado based cannabis processors need to take immediate action so that they can continue to produce their popular smokeless treats past the October 1st deadline.

Cannabis capsule manufacturers must now begin printing the required symbols directly onto the capsules themselves. To adhere to the .25″ x .25″ symbol sizing requirement, all capsule manufacturers must switch to the size 00 capsule. The size 00 capsule is the smallest capsule available, whereby the .25″ x .25″ THC Diamond is clearly visible.

Don’t let these new requirements halt your production, use the new packaging requirement to increase your brand’s marketing appeal; many producers will take advantage of this marketing opportunity to create their brand’s very own custom capsule. We strongly urge all cannabis capsule producers to contact us now to begin printing the required THC Diamond onto their capsules alongside their brand’s logo!

To have your custom capsules printed with either the THC or THC-M Diamond, give The Capsule Consulting Group a call today.

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