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WIRE: Freedom Leaf hits milestones in Spain, The Netherlands

LAS VEGAS, NV – Freedom Leaf, Inc., (OTC PINK: FRLF), the successful publishing and licensing company behind the legal cannabis industry, has quickly reached important revenue-driving milestones in Spain and The Netherlands in its international branding effort.

  • Netherlands partner sends payment ahead of schedule
  • This will bring the total payments to $50,000 received toward $250,000 contract
  • New licensee in Spain signs MOU requiring a $25,000 deposit on a $250,000 licensing fee

“I’m pleased with our success in rapidly bringing in two new European licensees,” said Cliff Perry, Publisher and CEO of Freedom Leaf, Inc. “We’ve added overseas clients at a much faster rate than anticipated. The company is only two years old and we have earned the credibility to attract overseas licensees. A great feat in such a short time period.”


Freedom Leaf is receiving a non-refundable deposit of $25,000 against a total licensing fee of $250,000 under a mutual letter of understanding to provide its premier content and brand to Freedom Leaf Iberia BV, a freshly-launched licensee in Spain led by Federico Pando, a leading branding developer for international companies in the Spanish speaking Cannabis Industry. The final contract will be signed by June 30. Mr. Pando has worked for WeedMaps (an online legal marijuana community that allows users to review and discuss cannabis strains and local dispensaries), developing their overseas business and branding strategy. He has already negotiated a strategic relationship between Freedom Leaf and the largest Spanish website in the world about everything marijuana. Freedom Leaf and LaMarihuana will be featured on each other’s sites and will trade original content.  Mr. Pando stated, “Spain is currently Europe’s leading Cannabis and Industrial HEMP industry hub, it just made sense to join Freedom Leaf to start industry specific platforms that focus on content, education, entertainment, business and activism; all at the same time.”

In May, Freedom Leaf signed its first international agreement with its licensee in The Netherlands. It was secured with a $25,000 deposit toward a total of $250,000 over the next 18 months. A second payment of $25,000 has been sent ahead of schedule for total payments of $50,000 thus far.

Both the Spain and Netherlands agreements provide exclusive licenses to use the Freedom Leaf Brand and the right to publish Freedom Leaf Magazine in Spanish and Dutch and sell advertising abroad. The deals include public relations, business consulting, brand services, business development and incubation support for cannabis and hemp companies in the Netherlands and Spain. Both countries obtained rights to put on Freedom Leaf music festivals and educational seminars. The licensees in The Netherlands and Spain will also reach out to other potential partners across Europe.

Freedom Leaf’s success in Europe comes after the launch of the Freedom Leaf Cup in April as a part of the Viña Grow Awards at the 21st annual Viña Rock 2016 Music Festival which was attended by 200,000 spectators, in the town of Villarrobledo in Albacete, Spain.

Freedom Leaf co-founder and former Executive director of (The National Organization for Marijuana Reform), Richard C. Cowan, paved the way for the company both domestically and internationally by building trusted relationships throughout his 45-year career as an activist and Yale-educated author. He’s spent the past five years full-time in Amsterdam and Madrid supporting cannabis and hemp legalization, as well as end-of-prohibition initiatives.

Freedom Leaf is proud to be a media partner and will be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition, located in NYC from June 15 – June 17. The 3rd Annual Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo is the leading forum for doing business in one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. If you’re employed in the cannabis industry, a current business owner, interested in starting a cannabis business, provide private equity & investment resources, or provide professional or business services, this is an event you can’t afford to miss. Visit the Freedom Leaf and NORML Booths, (#348 & #349).

Freedom Leaf is a Founding Executive Blue Moon Advisor, and has developed numerous companies utilizing the valuable resource to entrepreneurs provided by the Consortium and its network of subject matter experts. Blue Moon Advisors of Las Vegas, NV, is a Division of Blue Moon Consortium, Inc. Blue Moon provides start up services, compliant business finance documents and marketing presentation materials.

Freedom Leaf works closely with other public companies in the Cannabis Industry such as Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP), which is finishing the Decortication Plant with the only industrial sized Decorticator in the United States. Hemp, Inc., the #1 leader in the industrial hemp industry, engages its shareholders and the public through each step in bringing back the hemp decorticator through videos on YouTube as described in the “Freedom Leaf Magazine” article “The Return of the Hemp Decorticator,” by Steve Bloom.

Another company that Freedom Leaf is working with is Pazoo (OTC PINK: PZOO), a best-in-class laboratory located in multiple states, which tests cannabis and cannabinoids to protect consumers from impurities, contaminants and other irregularities. Freedom Leaf will be featuring an article on Pazoo, CEO, David Cunic, in their July Issue.

Freedom Leaf, Inc., “The Marijuana Legalization Company TM” is a fully reporting and audited, Publicly Traded company trading under the symbol (OTC PINK: FRLF). Freedom Leaf is one of the leading go-to resources in the cannabis, medical marijuana, and industrial hemp industry. It is involved in merger and acquisitions in the marijuana industry, including incubation of new marijuana-related companies and spin offs. In addition, the company flagship publication, Freedom Leaf Magazine, The Good News in Marijuana Reform, produces a portfolio of news, print and digital media, websites, and web advertising, for the ever-changing industry. Freedom Leaf, Inc. does not handle, grow, sell, or disperse marijuana or related products.

Blue Moon Consortium, Inc. is the parent entity for a group of seven companies that support small and medium sized businesses, (SMB) Entrepreneurs in all areas related to the preparation, presentation, and ultimately, acquisition of business finance instruments. Their network of advisors provide expertise related to business finance and development, including attorneys, accountants, bankers, brokers, coaches, consultants, investors, and marketers. Through the combination of these resources working in concert, the Company prepares and executes business finance documentation and presentation materials for startup businesses and expansions around the world in all industries, sectors, and sub-sectors.


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