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Periodic Edibles releases caramel line to Oregon rec market

By CDR Staff

Periodic Edibles, a maker of gourmet infused caramel edibles, announced that its product line is now available for recreational customers in Oregon.

Dispensaries in the state’s Early Start program began selling edible products to anyone over 21 on June 2.

Recreational customers in the state can buy one edible per day with no more than 15 mg of THC content. There is no cap on CBD content.

Periodic Edibles solely focuses on a product line of caramels.

The company has multiple caramel products for the recreational and medical markets, with two specific caramel types that can be purchased by the recreational customer.

The first is a Hybrid Sea Salt Caramel with 15 mg of THC (known as the Lo Caramel shown below).


The second is a CBD Chai Caramel with 12 mg of THC and 35 mg of CBD (known as the On Caramel shown below).


The best way to find Periodic Edibles caramels is by using the Product Map on the company’s website (

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