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Vape Pen Review: SourceVapes Source Nail

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

I actually wasn’t going to review the SourceVapes Source Nail myself – I had planned to hand it over to one of our reviewers here at CDR.


But when I pulled out the sturdy plastic box it came in and realized it had my name on it – OK, my initials, SV – I knew I had to review this one personally.

Good choice on my part, as it turns out, because this is one handy little dab gadget.

The device, which retails for $199, is the smallest electronic nail I’ve used so far, but don’t let the size fool  you – it still packs more than enough charge to heat your wax perfectly.

The nail comes with a base battery unit that’s temperature controlled – meaning you can set it to whatever level you prefer. For me, the ideal general wax temperature seems to be about 395 degrees F, but depending on the texture and viscosity of the wax, you may also want to crank it up or lower it.

The Source Nail also comes with a bubbler (like a bong attachment) that you can use with water to reduce the harshness of the smoke, a globe, three atomizers (Gr2 titanium, ceramic and quartz), a USB charger, a sturdy black case, and a carb cap and dab tool.


The atomizers, which screw into an adapter on the battery, all work great. Personally I prefer the titanium, because it seems to be the most mulit-purpose of the lot – working best with a different array of wax.

That said, the battery can be a little sensitive to switching out atomizers. When I switched from the ceramic to the titanium atomizer and then back to the ceramic one, it had a hard time recognizing it.

You turn the battery on by pressing the main button five times. And then you press it another three times to scroll through setup options. (There’s an “atomizer” option, which when you install a new one asks “init res?” which, if you select yes, will make sure the resistance level is appropriate for whichever atomizer you pick).

When I went from the titanium atomizer back to the ceramic one, the battery gave me an error. And it took a few tries at unscrewing it and re-screwing it back in before it would recognize it.

I had no issues at all, though, with the titanium nail.

To heat the wax, you just hold the square button down until it reaches the desired temperature.


(Source Orb and nail adapters)

Another bit of advice, when you put the bubbler on the device, make sure it turns backwards (away from the battery control window) – so you can balance the nail and stand it upright on your table. If you put the bubbler on facing forwards, the gadget falls over.

The glass dab tool, which comes attached to the carb, is the most flimsy aspect of the Source Nail. When I went to pull it out of the case it snapped in two pieces – a glass rod and the disk-shaped carb cap.

The carb cap works fine. You can pop your wax in and cover the hole with it so that the smoke goes in the right direction.

But the glass rod dab tool is pretty useless – wax sticks too strongly to it when  you try to use it to apply wax to the nail, and it doesn’t have a good edge for manipulating wax in the first place.

That said, it’s a minor complaint. But a metal dab tool would be a vast improvement.

My favorite part of this thing – besides that it has my name on it – is that it’s so small and easy to handle. It’s not necessarily something you could pop in your pocket, but the hand-sized device is a lot more portable than most of the large e-nails out there on the market.

And e-nails in general are a vast taste improvement over the pen-based dab devices out there.

If you’re looking for a smaller, easy to use e-nail, I’d certainly recommend giving the Source Nail a look.

And check out the video below to see the device in action (although for some reason the guy in the video doesn’t use the carb cap):

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