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WIRE: Oregon LCC approves eight more recreational cannabis licensees

Portland, Oregon – The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has approved eight new Recreational Marijuana producer and wholesale licenses.

The producer licensees include:

  • CEN, LLC, (Charles Worcester, Lea Worcester, Elizabeth Luca-Mahmood)
  • Nicholas Mahmood (Green Source Gardens) – Outdoor, Tier 1, Josephine County
  • Sow Canna LLC (Sow Canna) – Mixed, Tier 1, Josephine County
  • Deep Creek Gardens LLC (Deep Creek Gardens) – Mixed, Tier 2, Clackamas County
  • Diane L. Downey, Christopher Bechler (Uncle Mark’s Farm/Rebel Spirit) – Outdoor, Tier 1, Lane County
  • Sleepy Shepard Farms LLC, Carl A. Laurella (High Hopes Organic) – Outdoor, Tier 2, Jackson County
  • Oregon Green Leaf Farms LLC, Iguana Wholesale Inc. (Oregon Green Leaf Farms/Iguana Wholesale) – Outdoor, Tier 2, Washington County
  • William’s Wonder Farms LLC, (William E. Hill II), Outdoor, Tier 2, Jackson County
  • Hat Trick Growers LLC, David Evans (Frontier Farms/Odell Farms), Outdoor, Tier 2, Hood River County

The licensees approved today include Tier 1 and Tier 2 outdoor and mixed cultivation growers.  Tier 1 outdoor growers are allowed to have a plant canopy up to 20,000 square feet, and Tier 2 outdoor growers are allowed to have a plant canopy between 20,001 to 40,000 square feet.   Mixed cultivation growers are allowed to have a combined indoor and outdoor canopy using a ratio so the total canopy does not exceed the tier designation.

The annual fee for Tier 1 growers is $3,750, and the annual fee for Tier 2 growers is $5,750.  The annual license fee wholesalers, labs, processors, and retailers is $4,750.

To date the OLCC has received 986 applications for Recreational Marijuana Licenses and the Commission has approved 34 licenses.

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