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Strain Sheet: Bubble Gum from Hempire (Washington)

Reviewer: Megan
Strain: Bubble Gum 1g preroll  (Potency Analysis THCA 22.0% THC .5% CBD .3% Total 19.8%)(Hybrid originally developed in Indiana)(Sold at The Herbery)
Grower:  Hempire (a.k.a. Kettle River Cannabis Co., Washington)
Onset time: Slow but steady
Fade: Four to six hours
Strength: It was a pleasant high. I didn’t feel overwhelmed or tired.
Tingling (where did you feel it): None for me
Control: I was only able to focus on non-meaningful activities such as video games. When I tried to start the review the first time while high, I couldn’t even figure out the internet! lol
Emotions: Very cheery and giggly.
Paranoia: No
Energy level: It is a lay around type of weed for sure. Not much energy.
Smell: Sweet and sugary
Relieves: Muscle tension in my neck and back seemed to dissipate.
Positives: This pre-roll smoked smoothly. No running whatsoever and produced huge hits!
Negatives: None, didn’t make me cough, was easy on my throat and lungs.


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