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WIRE: U.S. Company applies for Colombian medical marijuana license to grow and export

New Colombia Resources, Inc. (OTC: NEWC), a U.S. company with natural resource assets in Colombia, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Sannabis SAS, has applied for licenses with the Ministry of Justice’s National Drug Council to cultivate and process medical marijuana with an aim to export their high quality non-smoked cannabis based products around the World.

Sannabis has grown and processed medical marijuana legally on the Nasa Indian Reservation in Colombia since 2014.  Their products are sold online, in stores, and through independent distributors in Colombia.  They are supported by INVIMA Resolution 243630 of 1999 and Sentence C-882 of 2011 from the Constitutional Court to legally produce non smoked medical marijuana products on the Indian Reservation and distribute them nationally.  The licenses applied for today are needed in order to acquire the next license to export cannabis based products.

“We’re very excited about developing the region to support an export market creating jobs and industry.  Our goal is to provide the best products possible taking advantage of the ideal climate, we can grow year round outdoors and manufacture the highest quality 100% organic cannabis products,” stated John Campo President of New Colombia Resources Inc.

Adults and children with epilepsy and cancer have shown remarkable improvements using Sannabis products causing an interest from national and international media.  A Sannabis distributor showcasing products was featured on the nightly newscast of a major network in Colombia, Noticias RCN.  To view the newscast, visit

Sannabis has since redesigned their products using higher quality packaging with QR (Quick Response) codes that display product information when scanned by smart phone.  Their website is being updated to showcase new packaging and pricing.

Sannabis products have started garnering attention in Europe.  Juan Pablo Guzman, Director of Sannabis SAS, was interviewed by Euro-News for a segment to be aired soon.  This week another network filmed Sannabis’ grow operations and manufacturing facilities for a two-part documentary about Sannabis and their patients, including children with epilepsy.  Sannabis proudly provides cannabis oil to the Fundacion Cultivanda Esperanzas, a foundation for children with epilepsy.  The improvement these children have shown cannot be ignored by the Colombian Society and media outlets.  To learn about the Cultivando Esperanza (Cultivating Hope) Foundation, hear testimonials, and see the smile on these kid’s faces, follow them on Facebook at . Sannabis donates and offers special pricing to Cultivando Esperanzas so no sick child is left behind, to make a donation to the foundation

The Company feels these newscasts and documentaries will help increase medical marijuana awareness and sales.  To view or purchase Sannabis products visit   Follow Sannabis on Facebook for photos and testimonials at

New Colombia Resources, Inc.

New Colombia Resources, Inc. is focused on the acquisition and development of high-quality metallurgical coal properties and other available resources in the Republic of Colombia. They expect to have several revenue producing businesses including; metallurgical coal mining and rock quarry aggregates for domestic Colombian highway and railroad building projects. The Company owns 100% of La Tabaquera metallurgical coal mine in Colombia with an estimated 15- 17 million tonnes of reserves.  They have another pending acquisition for 390 ha and a solicitation contract for 184 ha metallurgical coal concession.  New Colombia Resources also holds a significant position in Sannabis SAS which legally produces medical marijuana products in the Republic of Colombia, visit  For more information on the Company visit

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