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Vape Pen Review: Dopen from Dope Magazine

By Mrs. Nice Guy
Cannabis Daily Record

I’ve been wanting a Dopen vape pen for quite some time now, mostly for cosmetic reasons.

I mean how can you go wrong with something called the “Dopen?” It’s a creation from the people over at Dope Magazine. Lucky for me I got my very own to try out!


Each pen has four pieces: A battery, a cover to put around your cartridge, a cap that attaches to the cover, and a USB charger. Each piece comes apart by twisting the pieces off in three steps.

To turn your Dopen on hit the power button 5 times (and another 5 times to turn your device off). When your pen is on press on the power button once more and inhale to get a draw of whatever you have in your cartridge.

The pen uses standard 510 threading, which makes cartridges easy to attach and remove. But the one caveat is that not all 510 threaded cartridges fit inside the cover.

The cartridge I used has a wider mouth piece, so it wouldn’t fit under the cover. Still, this is only bad when you want to use your pen inconspicuously.

The cover and cap make the Dopen look like an actual pen, so it’s less noticeable as an actual vaping device – which is helpful if you’re using it in public.

Encased in aluminum and powder coated, the Dopen vape pen is made with quality materials that proved to be very durable – especially after I dropped it on concrete and asphalt accidentally!

I was panicking and able to chill out after seeing that the beautiful Floral Twilight design came away unscathed! It also survived in my backpack, which is often full of random cords and bobby pins, with no nicks or scratches.


The Dopen “Floral Twilight” ($59.99) vape pen is gorgeous! The pen has a tropical look to it; black in color with a vibrant floral design and gold trim giving it a sophisticated island style.

Just looking at this pen makes me happy, it takes me back to the last time I felt my toes in the sand. With a sleek, satin finish the Dopen is silky soft and oh so elegant.

I tested the battery out by switching between daily use and going a few days in between and I’ve only had to charge it about once a week. I’ve been using a prefilled c02 cartridge with my pen and did notice that it heats it up pretty fast (FYI I’ve only used it with prefilled cartridges).

The Dopen is the 4th vape pen I’ve tried and I think for the price, it’s probably one of the best. It doesn’t come with an atomizer that you can load, but since a lot of those are 510 threads you can definitely attach one to it. Its durability is what I really love about it.

By withstanding two falls and tumbling through my cluttered bags, it heats up rapidly, good battery life, and makes me feel fancy with its satin feel and regal look, what more can you ask for?


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