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WIRE: Vape company applauds recent regulatory changes by FDA

We didn't invent vaping, we just made it better. (PRNewsFoto/ION Technology Inc.)

DENVER — In a recent New York Times story “F.D.A. Tightens Rules for E-Cigarettes in a Landmark Move” – ION, the vape hardware company signaled its excitement and eagerness to comply with the FDA standards.

ION Device, clean and compliant (PRNewsFoto/ION Technology Inc.)

ION is touted as the clean alternative for e-cigs and cannabis consumers and has recently released a new pen that contains zero outgassing metals, medical grade glass, safe battery technology, clean room assembly, DI Water Rinse, and all components that are rated the highest quality and safety rating of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

In a statement today, ION Co-Founder and CEO Todd Mitchem stated his excitement toward the FDA’s new regulatory issuance.

“We at ION are excited by this development as we have been calling for a new set of standards across the cannabis and e-cig industry since we launched.  Companies must stop making knock off hardware that is dangerous to consumers and the vape industry need regulations to keep consumers safe.”

The FDA’s new standards take effect in 90 days, which means that any hardware not registered and approved by the FDA could be seized at the border.  A fact that Mitchem says is needed.

“We have been fighting an often uphill battle with unscrupulous companies that not only make very cheap versions of this important hardware, but also find cheaper ways to build batteries that hurt consumers.  If companies don’t buy their hardware from compliant organizations like ION who have done the hard work of building safe products or get their own manufacturing safety protocols approved, they could be in for a rude awakening in 90 days.”

What does this mean for the budding cannabis industry that is showing a nearly 45% vape usage rate?

Mitchem, coming from the cannabis industry, ended with this, “All vape technology is built and shipped to vaporize all forms of oil.  Hardware of this kind is not only for e-juice.  Which means that no matter what oil you put in your device, e-juice or cannabis, you are still using hardware that in the regulators’ minds falls under the established regulation by the FDA.  Hardware is hardware regardless of what you intend to put into it.”

ION currently sells its hardware to the e-cig consumer, cannabis consumers, and cannabis companies that put extracted marijuana oil in the devices for resale.

About ION:

Based in Denver, CO and available for use with both e-juice and cannabis oil, ION is the most disruptive personal vaporizing product to emerge since the beginning of the vaporizing movement. With a clean medical grade glass cartridge, state-of-the-art low resistance heating element and more, ION is solving the problem of where to find high quality, clean hardware technology for use with all forms of extracted oils and e-juice.

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SOURCE ION Technology Inc.

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