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WIRE: Former Bears QB Jim McMahon joins the Cannabis Sports Policy Project

DALLAS, Texas — North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) and former Chicago Bears quarterback, Jim McMahon announce the Cannabis Sports Policy Project (CSPP).


Jim McMahon is an advocate for medical marijuana.  As a result of injuries incurred while playing in the NFL, he has endured 18 surgeries and now lives with chronic pain.  Medical marijuana has enabled McMahon to end a pharmaceutical pain killer habit.

North American Cannabis Holdings is an entrepreneurial cannabis consumer products development company founded on the belief that cannabis makes lives better.  Cannabis can fight disease and improve wellness.  North American Cannabis Holdings has recently introduced a cannabis infused beverage cafe under the brand name AmeriCanna Cafe as well as separately introducing a line of sports and fitness nutritional supplements under the brand name EVERx.

The Cannabis Sports Policy Project is founded by North American Cannabis Holdings.  Jim McMahon is the spokesman for the Cannabis Sports Policy Project.  The Cannabis Sports Policy Project will operate separate from North American Cannabis Holdings to raise awareness for the benefits of medical marijuana over pharmaceutical pain killers in the management of pain from injuries incurred by athletes in addition to raising awareness for the potential of medical marijuana to mitigate the long-term damage that can result from repetitive head trauma.  The Cannabis Sports Policy Project will also raise funds to advocate for pro cannabis policy changes within sport governing bodies.

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North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) is founded on the core belief that cannabis makes people’s lives better. Cannabis can fight disease, improve wellness and do so in an environmentally sustainable manner. North American Cannabis Holdings is dedicated to finding the best possible applications for cannabis to serve consumers. For more information please visit

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