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Living: Using cannabis topicals and lubricants to relieve menstrual cramps

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

For many women menstrual cramps are a monthly horror that take away hours and even days of what could otherwise be productive time – or fun time, for that matter.


Trust me, none of us gals want to end up curled up on the couch in agony, popping ibuprofen by the handful, hoping for an iota of relief. But often, especially for women with severe cramps, it ends up that way.

So what’s the alternative? In the cannabis world, topicals may be an even better bet than any over-the-counter pill.

And word is already starting to spread. Just look at the recent announcement that Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth are developing a product line of infused tampons and other products specifically aimed at fighting cramps.

Those products, however, won’t be available anywhere but California in the near future. But not to worry. If you live in a legal recreational state (or even a medical marijuana state), you may be able to make your own home-spun solution.

Fairwinds Manufacturing, a grower and processor in Vancouver, Washington, recently released a pair of new products – O lube (a sex lubricant) and Flow (a pain relieving topical cream that I highly recommend) – that actually work very well for fighting cramps.

I know because I recently did an experiment with them to see how they worked at fighting my own menstrual pain.

So how do you use a lubricant – whether it’s O or another brand like Bond – to help with menstrual cramps?

Applying it by hand is not a very appealing choice – OK, let’s go beyond that and say it’s just plain disgusting.


But, after some experimentation, I found that you can use the lubricant to infuse a tampon (or coat a product like Instead Softcups, which I prefer) and then insert it so that the lubricant goes along with it to the right place, without getting your hands messy.

With O, I find relief takes about an hour or so to kick in. And after trying it the first time on my last cycle, it made an amazing difference.

I had much less pain than usual just using the O to infuse my Instead Softcups (I suggest re-applying the lubricant every 4-6 hours for the best results). My abdominal walls felt less tense and more relaxed – I was even able to do chores around the house, rather than just curling up on the couch.

As impressed as I was with the effects of the O lube, I also wanted to see if I could take it a notch further. So I decided to see what would happen if I combine that with applying Flow, the external topical cream, to my lower abdomen at the same time – essentially hitting the cramps from both sides.

Doing that, for me, produced astounding results. I was actually completely pain free for most of the cycle, except for the times when the two products wore off and I had to reapply them.

I like the Fairwinds products because they use a lot of CBD, the non-psychoactive pain relieving component of cannabis, along with the THC – which works in concert with it. Some lubricants and topicals only use THC – or only use CBD – and I find they don’t work nearly as well.

It’s also important to note that topicals don’t get you high – which means you can use them and go to work or do anything else you’d normally do.

The Fairwinds folks have told me that other women have contacted them to confirm that O works well for infusing tampons. But I realize my story and that information is still a bit anecdotal.

If you try it – I’d love to hear how it worked for you. You can let us know here in the comments area or by emailing me at

After my experience, I plan to keep using the products to fight my own cramps.

Hell, I may even toss out that jar of ibuprofen.


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