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WIRE: The ‘Facebook of Weed’ launches on

BOSTON, Mass. – The highly anticipated social network launch of “The Facebook of Weed” kicked off today at Cannabis.Net.

The new social media platform is intended to give all those interested in the marijuana and cannabis industry a fun and secure place to discuss cannabis and marijuana.

According to MJ Business Daily, over the past few months Facebook has been closing the accounts of some legal marijuana dispensaries, as well as Facebook pages associated with the medical marijuana industry. “We see a social network for cannabis and marijuana as the next step to our mapping and blogging service”, says CEO of, Curt Dalton. “While other social networks my not want certain types of companies and traffic, we are able to give those companies a place to communicate with their clients and enjoy a great amount of traffic,” added Dalton.

The social network, officially called the “Cannabisseur Network”, has taken months to develop and test, with many surveys and beta testers involved. The network features the ability to post new information, pictures, videos, and links. The community interaction is vibrant as you can follow or friend many industry leaders, as well as “light” a post or picture you enjoy.

“The marijuana and cannabis movement will be the biggest investment opportunity of a lifetime. Whether you are talking about the leaf itself, oils, creams, or edibles, there will be unlimited investment opportunities in the next few years,” added Dalton. “Our marijuana social network is compatible with all the other major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Our users want to be able to share stories from out network onto those networks as well,” finished Dalton.

Cannabis.Net launched this year as a full service cannabis and marijuana web portal. The site features state of the art mapping for finding medical marijuana dispensaries, doctors, and lawyers. The site also features creative blog posts and now a full social network.

For more information about the new social network or mapping services, please visit Cannabis.Net.

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